The concept behind… Cut-Out Card designs

The inspiration for this range came from a design job I was given over twenty years ago when asked to supply illustrations for the back of Arnott’s Tiny Teddies packs. The art director came up with the idea of houses for the different teddy bear characters that kids could collect and build. The house was basic enough but as there was extra space so I came up with some extra bits.

Of course the success to these types of interactive activities is to make sure that they all work and that they’re easy for kids to cut out and assemble. If you can minimise the number of steps and equipment needed that’s even better!

After testing them out myself I needed professional guinea pigs, sorry, volunteers to give them a go. Thankfully one of my nephew’s is a primary school teacher and his students came to my rescue. The reason you need fresh eyes across a personal project is that you can easily miss something so obvious because you’ve been working on it for so long. Sure enough there were a few missing pieces as well as a typo, but apart from that they went really well with no major issues.

So a massive thank you to Mr Zachary Wong and the students at James Ruse Public School in Sydney.

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