Have you ever been out and about and noticed someone taking a photo of a manhole cover or a rusty corrugated fence covered in faded concert posters? They’re not deranged or sad. They’re taking inspiration from the everyday world.

Not that the Daintree Forest or Monet’s waterlilies aren’t inspiration enough, but getting your imagination going doesn’t always have to come from some breathtaking landscape or masterpiece. It’s about learning how to see the beauty in the day to day.  

This isn’t even about it being subjective to the beholder. It’s about seeing or finding a point of interest, ie something that makes the ordinary intriguing. That’s by considering one or more factors that makes up a good piece of art. Zoom in, crouch down and become aware of colours, patterns, shapes, surfaces, textures, lighting or angles. Even if you dont like taking photos you can still observe.

You may have no idea how or when you’ll use these images or information. In some ways that’s not important, but what it will teach you is to see the world differently. It will open up your mind to more abstract thinking.

Whatever problem or task you’re working on, if you can see the greater value in something really basic, any ideas or solutions you come up with will be more varied and greater than you could have thought before.

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