Less is More

When you’re creating something the desire to keep adding or embellishing it is hard to resist. We could be talking about adding more make up, wearing more jewellery, adding more ingredients when you’re cooking or using too many colours in a painting. 

Why? In the moment it’s fun but we have a mindset of also not wanting to leave anything out. When I’ve had to design a business card or pamphlet for a client they want to include EVERYTHING because they fear an opportunity will be missed if they dont include it all, even if space wont permit.

Although in some instance there are designers or creators who can balance multiple elements at a time and make their project sing, it takes a certain talent to be able to harmonise so many different components. For the rest of us its a wrong turn into overkill street and you could have ruined what was probably a good thing in the process.

That’s why if you are in fear of overworking something try stepping back and assess the situation then ask yourself “Do I really need to add more? Will it actually make a difference? Will it add more impact or just make it look really busy?

Embrace the practice of less is more. 

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. It’s an approach of prioritising what the most important message or element is in your work. If you’re adding anything it should be to enhance not distract your objective. If you’re not sure maybe its because you haven’t really thought about what that main focus actually is.

Think of a spotlight on a stage. They’re used to attract attention to a single person or moment. If too many people try and fit into that spotlight who are you going to notice? And will any of them stand out more than the other? Will you remember anything at all? 

Keep it simple and you’ll see the difference.

But donuts…personally I dont think one can ever have enough! 

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