When I use to learn drums anyone who went astray and was out of sync with everyone else it wasn’t called a mistake, it was defined as doing a solo. So when you’re creating art and accidentally put a colour down you weren’t suppose to or spill some ink, it’s not a mistake – it’s a one-off, an original, you’re doing a solo! Go easy on yourself and learn from it instead of scolding yourself.

The point I’m trying to make is that we should allow ourselves to make errors and not punish ourselves so much if its not perfect. There is a lot to be learnt from mistakes and sometimes the outcome is even better than expected. 

Wanting everything to be exact can even stunt or suppress progress in your skill development and head space. Sure sometimes mistakes might ruin a picture you’re working and have to start again, but if you allow days to also experiment in, explore and make errors you’ll probably find mistakes will occur less and less.

Plus its only a mistake if you tell someone it is. Most cases others won’t even know.

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